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You need to bring back the old zedge with everything in one app for ios...it used to be so much easier to download wallpapers and ring tones...i can't even find wallpapers on the app like I used to or ringtones either...this app needs to be just like the android version...please fix this

And the ringtones??


Really sad about this update, from the best app to the worst.


Where are the notification and ring-tones???? I dont like the App anymore

Bring back old zedge

I cant review the ringtones wtf bring it back now !!!!

Sucks now

No wallpapers like there used to be


I deleted this app after I could no longer get ring tones! This is BS!

Its okay

Me and hunny both have this and he has the wallpaper and ringtones but all I can get is the wallpaper..the reason I got this was to have both not just pretty pictures.


Bring old zedge back this one is terrible


I loved the old zedge i used show my friends the app and find new cool ringtones but now zedge only has wallpapers you can get anywhere even off of google


Useless app now that it doesnt have ringtones. No one needs wallpaper when you can save any image from the web.

Took away all the superhero wallpapers!

This used to be my go to for cool Marvel/DC wallpapers. Or even in general. Used to have some unique art wallpapers. Now has nothing but generic ones. Total garbage. Better off just going to Google now.

No ring tones!


Other phones have ringtones and we dont

I was so happy to get the app and then it had removed ringtones and that was the thing that made me get this app

Not Useful Anymore!

This app has taken a huge turn for the worse. No longer can you get ringtones and there are far less wallpapers available to you. Save yourself some time and just search Google for your wallpapers!!


the app has very few wallpapers and no more ringtones. wallpapers are poor quality

Very bad

Very bad quality the old version is better no car wallpapers and all the other wallpapers are poor quality and no ringtones


The Zedge app was better before when it had ringtones & wallpapers now it just sucks. They should bring the ringtones back. The app was so much better then.

No ringtones?

This app is so bad now, people only used it for ringtones and text tones but now it doesnt have it any more, now there is just a fraction of the wallpapers there used to be its better off now to just get wallpapers off google


Where have the ringtones gone?

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